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At a first glance, the planet of Thenia is a world much like our own. With ten planets in the solar system, two of which already host life, the most immediately obvious difference is a fundamental force that does not exist in our universe… but there are other differences. Perhaps the most important is that the universe proper is not one, but two closely conjoined realms, coupled together by the additional force commonly known as “sharren”.

The World

Focal region: A solar system centred on the star Mirol (locally commonly known as “The Sun”), in a spiral galaxy. The corresponding counterpart regions.

Reality strength: Strong.

Technology: Rapidly developing. During Reclamation, slightly in advance of Earth’s: Thenians have been to the moon, and not one, but two space stations circle gracefully amidst a myriad satellites. Particle accelerators and vast telescopes strive to unlock the mysteries of the universe, while deep mining operations and polar ice cores provide unprecedented records of Thenia’s history. Probes drift through the solar system, reporting their finds as they fly by other planets, and rovers explore the nearby terrestrial worlds.


As with all worlds, only a few individuals can be mentioned here, though there are a vast number of fascinating people scattered throughout history. If you are interested in somene who does not yet appear, submit an enquiry! (Coming soon…)